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Hi there :)

While I am probably among the most introspective people you'll ever meet, describing myself is still a task that is very hard for me to do. (Perhaps because I am an INFJ--read up all about it ☺) There are many different parts to my personality that sometimes I don't even understand, and, depending on who you are, you may have an extremely different view of me than another person.

There are, of course, simple, concrete parts to who I am:
-an ardent tea addict. When I mean addict, I mean spend-an-hour-in-the-tea-aisle addict.
-a Christian
-a ballerina with a sweet tooth (oh, cruel Fate)
-a girl that is almost always laughing--so much so that it sometimes confuses people
-a passionate fanatic of all the arts--from dancing to painting to the culinary arts
-an over-thinker/worrier, workaholic, and perfectionist
-an introvert, all the way. Not that I don't enjoy being around people... you'll just find me exhausted in a corner reading by myself afterwards ;)
-a passionate lover of dogs. You'll find me chasing after people, asking to pet their dogs.

Just as my personality is complex, so is my blog. You'll find blog posts on different ends of a very wide spectrum; some will be uplifting words of advice, and some will simply be an account of tough times. What ties them all together, though, is the honesty I try to commit myself to. Here, I am not writing to gain an audience; I simply want to make a difference by sharing with complete openness, in the hopes that I can help in any way those who read my blog.

Most of these blog posts are a part of my hope to conquer the trials I face by containing it in words. The hope that articulation through words can equal control may be futile, but I can only feel content when a certain level of concrete understanding of my challenges is reached. In writing for myself, I hope to articulate the troubles of others and smooth out the wrinkles in their thoughts.

Welcome to my humble little corner of the Internet where I share my opinion, advice, and journey!

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