About Me

Hi there :)

I'm Lydia--otherwise known as the awkward, complex, cat-ballerina.

I must say I have many different personas.... there's:

- Lydia the introvert, who collapses from exhaustion after socializing with people
- Lydia the ballerina, basically a workaholic
- Lydia the teenage girl, who obsesses over Doctor Who, Sherlock, Studio Ghibli...
- Lydia the happy-crazy girl, who will not stop giggling at stupid things (like the word "poop," hehe)
- Lydia the Asian nerd (yay stereotypes)

In the studio, I may seem slightly intimidating or unfriendly because I'm always practicing or observing others, but I promise I'm just a clumsy girl who can't stop dancing. I promise I don't bite! (Though I am incredibly socially awkward...)

Ballet to me is more than just dancing; it is an art, a study, and a journey. There's so much depth in ballet that has taken me years to learn about (and I'm still learning so much!), and the more I learn, the more I fall in love with it. Ballet is so much more than technique and artistry--it is mastering the art of displaying simplicity beautifully, conquering complexity, learning to have faith in yourself at the toughest of times... I could go on and on. As a ballerina, you learn some of the toughest (but certainly valuable) life lessons much earlier than anyone else--and that's what I hope to share here! :)

If you're wondering why I call myself a cat-ballerina, it's basically because I act like a cat--easily distracted by shiny things, meows (yep you just read that), enjoys naps, occasionally chases birds... Weird, huh?

I'm also a Christian! God has helped me so much throughout my ballet journey, and I truly believe that He will guide me with the best plan, even if it's nowhere near mine. God is the one I lean on.

I am blessed with one sassy dog that eats way too much food (but I still love him to the ends of the earth), as well as a wonderful, supportive family. We love to EAT, hike, and be the weird family we are.

Besides ballet, I enjoy many, many, many things... drawing, hiking, listen to classical romantic music (favorites include Liebesleid, Adagio from Spartacus, and basically all ballet music), cooking, crafting, exploring, or just sitting in my room thinking about life (philosophical Lydia).

Welcome to my humble little corner of the Internet where I share my opinion, advice, and journey!

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